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rogerwhite9 Petron Group & PLG Clean Energy Announce Strategic Partnership

Harrisburg, PA, Feb.14, 2017- Petron Group LLP. http://petron-group.com/ ("Petron"), a leading private equity firm specializing in renewable energy, and ("PLG" or the "Company"), a South Asian developer, and owner of solar parks, today announced a new strategic partnership to fund solar projects in South Asia with a total capital commitment from Petron Group of 215 Million dollars. As part of this partnership, Petron will invest $165 million in the construction of approximately 170 megawatts AC of solar projects in South India.Petron has allocated an additional $50 million for secondary market opportunities in Nigeria and Cameroon, subject to due diligence and other necessary approvals. Beyond this capital commitment, both parties have agreed in principle to collaborate on identifying and acquiring suitable renewable Energy assets.. "We are delighted to be working with a leading specialized private equity fund that has in depth experience in the renewable submarket," said Kiran Patil, MD of PLG (BS Group Company) "We believe PLG will benefit from Petron's long tenure as an investor in the renewable energy sector and unmatched industry experience in this strategic partnership." "We are excited about our partnership with PLG, a company with deep power development expertise throughout South Asia," said Isaac Udotong, Managing Partner of Petron Group. "They have developed a portfolio of high-quality assets in India, and we expect to see tremendous growth in this region over the next couple years, So this is an excellent addition to our portfolios.”

posted: 2/14/17

rattanb Devastating Floods in Southern Indian state of Kerala

Please see more images at https://photos.app.goo.gl/8TsCpWqgnrAuQPr78

posted: 8/20/18

viddude Raging Car Fire In Clayton County Earlier Today

While in route to the repair shop to check on suspicious noise, my car caught fire no sooner than I arrived at he shop. It's a total lose. Struggling to find any good out of this!

posted: 5/26/18

carol@gibbsgardens.com Monet Bridge at Gibbs Gardens

Gibbs Gardens, Ball Ground Sat., Dec. 9

posted: 12/9/17

carol@gibbsgardens.com Monet Bridge at Gibbs Gardens

Gibbs Gardens, Ball Ground Sat., Dec. 9

posted: 12/9/17

rogerwhite9 HWH International Corp. Submits Form S-1 to Securities and Exchange Commission in the US

HWH is a company dedicated to forming the link between dedicated hospitality and exceptional business strategy. Their mission is to drive their clients’ online brand presence to meet their diverse and developing target market expectations. For more information, please visit http://www.hwhic.com.

posted: 2/13/17

rogerwhite9 New outfit makes sunbathing in cold weather a reality

Nothing beats the healthy glow you get from some responsible sunbathing. But what happens when cold weather strikes? We decided to create a way for anyone to responsibly enjoy the sun's health boosting benefits all year-round. This includes a healthy glow, vitamin D creation, elevated mood, controlled blood pressure, etc. Introducing the TanRound. The TanRound is the first clothing line with break-through patented technology that lets you effectively tan in cold and windy weather. Its innovative design allows the sun’s natural UV rays to penetrate while keeping the body warm with the suns energy and your own body heat. Now you can immediately soak up the natural sun rays and nutrients even in near freezing conditions. Just wear the clothing you desire underneath the TanRound and experience the healthy boost within hours! Say goodbye to unhealthy tanning booths, unattractive spray tans, and other expensive alternatives. The TanRound is made for men and women and is available in a full-body one piece or two piece jacket and pants set. Learn more about the TanRound on http://bit.ly/TanRound and please feel free to contact me with any questions. Kickstarter Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theofficialtanround/first-apparel-line-for-sunbathing-year-round?ref=nav_search

posted: 1/20/17

rogerwhite9 The Yule Log goes Retro 8 Bit Digital this year

If you are longing for that special Christmas yesteryear mood – then we found the answer you are looking for. Check out Fireplace for your Home’s brand new release of an 8-Bit Fireplace. What could be better than sitting by the Fireplace… ( ok …your television ) drinking eggnog with family and friends and seeing it all in HD on your big screen? But wait… it get’s better…. You can choose between a crackling only version…OR…you guessed it, - 20 of your favorite Holiday tunes all playing in 8 Bit Retro music. Fun for the whole family… but even more fun for those of use near 40 and above! The videos on free on Amazon with prime membership – and Fireplace for your Home even launched the audio tracks for your to download on all major music platforms including iTunes, Google and Amazon Music. https://www.amazon.com/8-BIT-Digital-Fireplace-Music-George/dp/B01NCHB53M/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1481665563&sr=8-4&keywords=8+bit+fireplace

posted: 12/16/16

rogerwhite9 Gods gift of (Fun, Love, inspiration) F.L.i - EP By Chioke Dmachi Now Playing

Track listing: 1. BOyz Don’t Cry. 2. Luv on u. 3.Str8 Nazty Ft. Geechi Dan & Vaughn Lowery. 4. #ChingChing. IG: @chiokedmachi. Twitter: @ChiokeMusic. Album link: https://itun.es/us/swPPcb | Vevo: http://vevo.ly/yo2S0J

posted: 12/8/16

rogerwhite9 Lil Thony feat Shad Da God - Dont Want it!

Lil Thony decided to hook up with Shad Da God of the Bankroll Mafia family on the track Don’t Want It, prod by Turbo from Playmakers. As usual you see Lil Thony in party mode! Visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K17sM1uP2sA

posted: 12/8/16